bug on leafHere’s your chance to show what you’ve learned so far this year about blogging!  This assignment is based on the Student Blogging Challenge Week #9 which is a culmination of the skills and etiquette you’ve learned about blogging.


Having read many of your posts, Miss W came up with the following essentials in a great post.

  1. catchy title
  2. includes at least two visuals whether photo, cartoon, video or another web 2.0 tool like padletanimoto (use Mrs. Smith’s class login: jocelyn.smith@lcps.org pword: jrsemrs6), tagxedohaikudeck
  3. interesting topic with the passion of the author coming through, shows well-researched topic
  4. well written and not copy/pasted from somewhere else
  5. shows it has been proofread and spellchecked
  6. written in paragraphs – at least three of them
  7. includes links to other websites on similar topics – at least two of these
  8. attribution for any images, video, music or clip art used – including those used in slideshows etc

Here are some examples of posts from a previous challenge:

When you have finished your post, please leave a comment for Miss W at the Student Blogging Challenge so she can have a peek at your work. Make sure to include your blog URL!