You can never be too grateful, can you?  If you did an internet search on being grateful, I bet you’d have enough reading material for the entire five day break!

When we get all wrapped up in our busy lives, rushing from school to practice to home and back again, it’s important to take a few moments to reflect on what’s most important.   The what most likely will turn into who, don’t you think?  We all have people and things in our lives for which we are grateful, but the things aren’t anything without the people.

I am so very blessed by all the people who touch my life!  Here’s my list:

Reeves, Paris, Degnan, Mom, Granny, Chip, Chad, Martine, Melissa, Alex, Nicholas, Sylvie, Maddy, Joe, Andrew, Lynne, Pete, Andrew, Jessica, Tom, Brad, Christine, Justin, Andrienne, Alex, Karrin, Lee, Burke, Austin, Uncle David, Uncle Richard, Aunt June, Uncle John, Tania, Ron, Bronwyn, Gretchen, Ray, Kyrstal, Joshua, Bethani, Aunt Fran, Bob, Michelle, John, Carol, Sandy, Adale, Fletcher, Connor, Ethan, Mary, Leo, Amanda, Leslie, Philip, Linda, John, KC, Milo, Laurie, John, Mia, Becky, Julie, Kathy, Kate, Amy, Martine, Jessica, Michelle, Martha, CC, Linda Margaret, Carrick, Nikole, Anthony, Maria, Maria, Denise, Cheryl, Cheryl, Jen, Shawn, Carol, Becky, all my students, both past and present (too many to name)…

As the day goes by, I’ll keep adding names.  I’m out of time!

Who is important in your life?