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We fell a bit behind in the Student Blogging Challenge because of a recent snowstorm, but we caught up last week and are loving our blogging time!  What follows is our collaborative effort in creating an A -Z About Us post in response to Week One’s Activity #6 challenge.

a to z

We are 66 amazingly, awesome, boisterous, brilliant bookworms who are creative and often chatty.  We delight in expressing ourselves using our fabulous, great minds!  Helpful, intelligent, and frequently jubilant, we seek knowledge learning magnificent new ways to communicate orally.  Our attitudes are positivequintessentially ready for the world!  We sit silently (almost), silly with anticipation for read aloud and independent reading time. Unique novels are gold mines for these vehement Virginians!  We fly the banner Eagle Wordsmiths  writing our extraordinary stories and blog posts for the world to enjoy.  You should come back to visit our zany class soon!